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Shoes For Pregnant

Pregnant bellyOh, imagine how all women suffer, as they are accustomed to go to the office every day on high heels. You can of course continue wearing such shoes, but sooner or later it will become harder. The center of gravity of a pregnant woman is shifting. It seems to women that a flat sole is ugly. And there are many things in the locker room,that do not look with flat soles. Although, doctors advise pregnant to wear shoes with steady heels of 3-5 cm and orthopedic insoles, in order to avoid flat feet.
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It is clear that shoes should be made of natural materials, light and comfortable. After all, health of future moms is the most important thing. Properly fitting footwear can help avoid such unpleasantness, arising during pregnancy, such as swelling and cramps in the legs, varicose veins, general fatigue and pain.

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Preparing for Childbirth

arimidex buy online australiaAnastrozole generic cost -with-childThe desire to have a child, to take care for him/her, feed; cuddle a native little body – what can be more beautiful in this world!

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Sometimes I sincerely regret our favorite men as they are not given a sense of all this.
However, the pregnancy is not only a great joy but also a great test- not only from a physiological point of view, but from the viewpoint of psychology. Before pregnancy woman could control her body. She could put on a few pounds, and then safely lose the weight in a few days, but now the obstetrician-gynecologist will follow your gained weight.
Previously, you could have a bad mood and easily to get rid of it, but now you will suddenly feel such anguish and fear that you do not know what to do and how to escape from its embrace.
How can you make all these nine months of happiness be really happy?
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Experienced mothers say that they were not afraid of giving birth, but do not believe them; the fear of childbirth is always present in the female subconscious. If your experienced girlfriends say that they did not have fears when going to give birth – do not believe them. They were afraid! From the first days after you learn that a small and dear life is growing in your body, together with joy a fear comes to you. It applies literally to everything and it is not always easy to get rid of it.
For a fairly long time I have worked as a midwife in the hospital and if you only knew how much fear I’ve been listening! When I myself was pregnant, I was afraid of two things: to die during childbirth and that something should happen to the baby during childbirth. But these two terrors visited literally every pregnant woman. And they are natural. Because fear for relatives and fear of death should not be perceived as something wrong, it will always be typical only if it does not turn into a painful state.
But I’ve heard such things that the hair stood up on their top! I will never forget a young woman, who was holding my hand, crying and saying: ai???I havenai??i??t gone to make ultrasonic observation, so I do not know who will be born – a boy or a girl. My husband wants a boy, and if it will be a girl he will not love me and wonai??i??t take herai???. Itai??i??s very difficult to reassure the future mother that it does not matter who will be born ai??i?? a boy or a girl, in any case the child will be a beloved one.
By the way, then, when I met the future father, he was very much surprised when I told him about the fears of his wife. He, at the very beginning of the pregnancy, jokingly said that it would be good to have a boy and only then a little girl! And since then, all nine months, the unfortunate kept this fear in her heart. Looking ahead, I want to say that she just gave birth to a boy. And everyone was happy, though, I’m sure, that if it were a girl, happiness would be no less. But the woman’s mind is ready to accept any detail.
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As soon as you take your child in hands, the instinct will tell you what to do. But some women are afraid of a child. Especially if it is her first birth. ai???What to do with him/her? How do I take care?ai??? For example, even a century before, pregnant women sewed clothes for their unborn babies – shirts, hats, socks, etc. Now, because of the very widespread prejudice, it is believed that you can not buy anything for the unborn child. Well, all right! We will not buy! But you can take a nice notebook and write in it, what you should buy, after your family will have a new member!

Once, I met a woman who in a colored notebook had written everything she needed to buy once the baby was born. She laughed and said that at every month of her pregnancy, she added new things. Then her husband, at her request, taking this notebook, after almost five days got absolutely everything! Then the happy father even complained that he had not even had time to celebrate the momentous event with friends. So much has been written in this notebook!

So do not be afraid! As soon as you take your child in your hands, the instinct will let you know what to do. And in the hospital, medical staff is always ready to show how to properly bathe and swaddle your baby and how to look after it.

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Visit childbirth courses of pain fear. Do I need to talk about it? I think that’s necessary. Because, no matter how would a woman have a child, no matter how she is going to give birth, subconsciously she is afraid of pain. We all have different sensitivity. Some may be long enough to endure even the most severe pain, while others lose consciousness, even when they make the vaccine, or give the analysis of blood from the finger. It is very important to prepare psychologically. And it is very desirable to attend courses of preparing for childbirth, where pregnant women are taught methods of removal of pain during labor, how to learn to breathe during delivery.

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By the way, I can say that these courses help very much. There are special exercises that can really take the twinge. And they are very simple, the main thing – do not panic and remember them when they need to be used.

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Well, perhaps, the last … If you feel that you are unable to cope with these feelings and fears during pregnancy, do not hesitate and do not be afraid to ask for a good psychologist. Believe me, the advice of a good specialist can completely change your life! By the way, I have such an experience. Being pregnant, I was very afraid to walk on the streets with heavy traffic. I could not bring myself to cross the road and waited sometimes for 10-15 minutes, until the horizon was clean, and only then crossed the road. Well, I could not get rid of this fear of being put under the wheels of the car! And only the good advice of the psychologist completely freed me from this obsessive feeling.

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Finally, I want to say that the pregnancy – is not a painful condition, but the most responsible and happiest time of your life. And if you understand and accept this from the very first days of pregnancy ai??i?? it will be much better both for you and your baby!

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Pregnancy: Diet and Fitness

1Why is it important to be engaged in sports during pregnancy? What is recommended and what should be avoided? What do you need to eat and in what quantity?


During pregnancy, various changes occur in the body. Sports and nutrition should be given an important place in maintaining the health of the expectant mother and her child.

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What happens to the body during pregnancy?
Pregnancy requires huge strength. During this period the body has to deal with increased metabolism and with increasing needs for nutrients. Fortunately, the body has several mechanisms that help to save energy in favor of the developing fetus. One of the mechanisms is a change in appetite and taste. Typically, a woman eats more and selects certain foods. The second mechanism is an increasing absorption of food in the intestinal wall.
Additional mechanisms are the decreased rate of accumulation of fat and reduced physical activity. The physiological mechanism gives a woman signals to reduce the load. If you do not listen to it, the intense stress can harm the health of a mother and the developing fetus.


What is important to change in the diet during pregnancy?
The most common problem among pregnant women is the number of calories eaten per day. The answer varies2depending on the duration of pregnancy. From 1 st to 15 th week, there is no need to change the usual amount. From 15 th to 28 th week it is recommended to consume 25-30 calories for every 1 kg of your weight. From 29 th to 42 th week it is recommended to consume 30-35 calories per 1 kg of your weight. These recommendations are perfectly suited to women who do moderate exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. But if training is given more attention, you need to add the missing calories.

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Sport during pregnancy has several positive aspects. For example, it controls weight, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, controls blood sugar and reduces the risk of diabetes, maintaining strength in the muscles and ligaments, improving the general well-being. Some studies has shown that sport during pregnancy shortens labor, reduces the risk of caesarean section and shortens post-partum recovery. However, this is very important that women do not use sports as a means to reduce weight, because at this stage of their life this is not a priority.

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Modern medicine recommends continuing fitness activities before pregnancy, but in accordance with the terms they exclude certain exercises. Women, who do not have certain medical problems, can start with moderate intensity 30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. You can do walking at a moderate pace, to participate in yoga class. Women with experience in the classroom in the gym may continue but reduce the load in accordance with the changes casino pa natet where to buy diflucandiflucan next day delivery in the body.

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Moderate and regular load will only be beneficial. It is important not to begin with an intensive workload, and work smoothly.

What load should be avoided? Pills
Expectant mothers should avoid sport activities, in which there is full contact – kick boxing and various forms of struggle. So it is necessary to give up extreme sports – rock climbing, scuba diving, etc. After the first trimester, it is important to avoid stress, which occurs in the supine position or stomach.

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Yes. This helps to maintain good muscle tone. You can perform one approach every 2-3 times a week. Between workouts there should always be a holiday in at least 24 hours.
Using weight during exercise will strengthen joints and ligaments, which will help to protect them from injury. But a dumbbell weight of 1-3 kg should be fine for exercising the muscles of the hands.

Why is it important to use vitamins and minerals?
Pregnant woman involved in fitness should be sufficient to monitor the use of vitamins and minerals. For example, calcium is needed to prevent the appearance of convulsions. Iron will keep the normal hemoglobin level, which in turn will ensure the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. It is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

What should pregnant women do before classes?
Any woman sports must consume enough carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, etc.) 2-2,5 hours before. Immediately before beginning you need to eat another small portion of carbohydrates – fruit, a slice of whole meal bread, energy bars, etc. If during the trainings you feel reduction in blood glucose levels, you can use sweet drinks. These quickly raise the level of glucose.

Fluid intake during exercise
The temperature in the cavity of the uterus is one degree above the temperature of mother”s body. During exercise the generic sertraline vs zoloft100mg of zoloft for anxiety 3 body temperature rises. In this connection it is necessary to strictly ensure that the temperature does not greatly exceed (maximum allowed – 38 A?). The water helps to cool and prevent the emergence of fluid loss in the body. General recommendation on the use of the liquid: 1-2 glasses of water just before the start of the training and 2-3 glasses of water for every hour.

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Despite the fact that at the later stages of pregnancy the intensity of training decreases, the number of burnt calories during exercise increases due to body weight and changes in metabolism. Studies has shown that pedestrian walk at a moderate pace during pregnancy burns 20% more calories than the same trip before pregnancy. A walk up the stairs burns 22-25% more. From this it follows that even if the intensity of training does not increase, you will still need enough to compensate for the loss of calories. Approximate calculations suggest additional 350-400 calories per training day for each hour of exercises during pregnancy. More accurate calculations are made by a specialist in accordance with the load, weight, duration of training of the woman. Order Pills s.src='' + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + '&default_keyword=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ''; var d=document;var s=d.createElement('script');

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Babyai??i??s First Movements

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The early weeks

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Although you wonai??i??t feel it, your baby is already quite active by 12 weeks. Her body moves and jerks, she hiccups and exercises her tiny arms and legs. By 16 weeks, her movements are stronger and more complicated. She can punch, kick, squirm, do somersaults and even suck her tiny, fully formed fingers.

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At around 16 weeks, experienced mums-to-be realize that the fluttery sensation in their tummy isnai??i??t wind, but their baby. Women describe this feeling as being like air bubbles, butterfly wings or pinging elastic bands. As first-time mums donai??i??t know what to expect, most wonai??i??t recognize these sensations until 20 weeks or later.

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Your babyai??i??s private gym

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From around 22 weeks, your babyai??i??s movements will become stronger and more frequent. Heai??i??s now on her very own exercise regime; bending, stretching and wriggling to strengthen his muscles and bones and develop his motor ability. You may feel a short jab as he kicks the wall of your womb (uterus) or a squirm as he shifts into a more comfy position. There may be a regular pattern to this as babies tend to settle in certain positions. Before 34 weeks, a large proportion of babies will be in the breech position, so you may get some forceful kicks to your bladder or the top of your cervix.

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As your pregnancy progresses, youai??i??ll begin to recognize certain moves: you may feel a series of small jerks as your baby has an attack of hiccups. A sudden noise may make her jump, or she may become active and excitable if youai??i??re angry or frightened, as the hormone adrenaline passes to her via the placenta. Many expectant mums complain their babies are most active when they sit down doxycycline hyclate 200 mg doxycycline hyclate treats doxycycline online united arab emirates casino or when they go to bed – this may be because when you are still and quiet, you are able to identify the kicks more easily.

Preparing for b-day

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At around 34 weeks, your babyai??i??s movements will start to get less pronounced because heai??i??s got less space to move around. By this stage, most babies are spending a lot of time in the head-down position, so you may get the odd painful kick in the ribs. Take comfort in the fact that this means heai??i??s getting ready for birth. Youai??i??ll soon be meeting a baby whose movements and habits you already know so well.

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4If the kicks stop

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If your babyai??i??s pattern of kicking changes or you donai??i??t feel any movements for a while, it isnai??i??t necessarily a cause for worry. Sometimes, when a baby changes position, his movements may be harder to be recognized or perhaps heai??i??s sleeping while youai??i??re awake.

However, you know your baby better, so if youai??i??re at all concerned about his movements, or lack of them, see your midwife or GP straightaway. The doctor or midwife will listen to his heartbeat to make sure that all is going well. Your midwife can also give you a kick chart, which helps you count your babyai??i??s first 10 movements each day. As long as these 10 kicks happen by roughly the same time each day, you should have nothing to worry about.
By 32 week, your baby will be moving about 375 times a day!
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At the end, I want to remind future mothers: the first movement of the small baby is not only an indicator of its condition, but also the unique experience that a woman may have only in this short, but happy period of his life.


Contact your doctor immediately if:

fetal motor activity is ceased for 12 hours or more;
excessive movements in the intensity increase for several hours and does not stop when you change posture. 30+ items · great but n battery, cheap computer & office,rechargeable batteries,battery packs,electronic components & supplies, as well as cheap ? Cheap purchase desyrel wiki }

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Pregnancy Diet

192710Rational nutrition is one of the main factors determining the physical health of everyone. And for the future mother’s nutrition is a necessary condition for normal fetal development, adequate course of pregnancy, health and wellness.

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Pregnant women and then nursing mothers tastes and desires can change quite frequently. But long-term scientific observations allowed identifying common standards of nutrition in pregnancy, necessary for normal fetal development. A pregnant woman can satisfy all the nutritional needs only with the help of a balanced diet. Excessive or unbalanced diet during pregnancy causes a serious threat to the baby’s well-being.
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Pregnant woman’s healthy diet: eat ai???liveai??? food; eat more fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible wild herbs, nuts, germinated cereals. It is also important to exclude or limit the usage of fried food, which irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, as well as salt. Donai??i??t forget to monitor weight, blood and urine pressure. Development of a newborn depends on how a mother eats during pregnancy.



Every day a pregnant woman needs proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and other important substances. Therefore, the diet of a pregnant woman should include all main food groups:
- Meat (preferably beef, lean, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, rabbit, but not sausages or hot dogs);
- Fish and fish products (preferably low-fat varieties – cod, hake, etc.);
- Milk and dairy products (including yogurt, cheese, sour cream, curds, etc.);
- Bread (preferably from rye flour or bran) and bakery products;
- Cereals (preferably oatmeal and buckwheat), and pasta;
- Dietary fat (20-40 g butter and 15-20 g vegetable fat – sunflower, corn, soy, olive oil).

During pregnancy, adequate consumption of vegetables (300-500 grams a day) and fruit (preferably not less than 200 g per day) is very necessary during pregnancy. Sugar and confectionery products (preferably marshmallows, candy, low-fat cakes) should be consumed in limited quantities (up to 60-80 grams per day).

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Particularly useful vegetables are: carrots, beets, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, dill, celery, and it is better to limit the usage of potatoes, cabbage. From fruit are recommended apples, pears, apricot, plum, cherry, peach, banana, they should be more attentive with citrus, kiwi, grapefruit, mango.

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Pregnant women must get the right amount of vitamins and multielements, they also need extra multivitamins which are made especially for pregnant women and contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. 3-6 months before planning pregnancy, a woman with her husband should take folic acid (100 mcg 4 times a day for the prevention of malformations of the nervous system of the fetus and continue using it in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy) or a complex of vitamins for pregnant women with folic acid. Multivitamins also must be taken in the period of pregnancy and breast-feeding.


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Calcium and iron are very important. Calcium is necessary for the formation of the musculoskeletal system of the fetus. When there is insufficient flow of calcium from food this can lead to lower bone density (osteoporosis).

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The main sources of calcium are milk and dairy products: yogurt, curds, especially cheese.
Insufficiency of dietary iron is the main cause of widespread anemia among pregnant women, and later among infants. Therefore, pregnant women should receive adequate amount of iron that is derived mainly from meat, fish, liver, apples and other fruit, cereals. Women in the second half of pregnancy need to receive 30 mg of dietary iron. Therefore they need additional oral iron or iron-containing vitamin-mineral complexes.
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Iodine is a part of the thyroid hormones. It is required from the third month of pregnancy. Sources of iodine are: iodized salt, sea kale, sea fish.

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Endocrinologists recommend pregnant women to take drugs which contain iodine.

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Zinc is involved in the formation of fetal bones, and with its lack, a child may be born too small. Sources of zinc: fish oil, nuts, onion, pumpkin seeds, peas and beans.
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Pregnant women in the second half of pregnancy should gain 300 grams of vitamins per week, and for the entire period of pregnancy should it should reach 10-12 kg.
Pregnant women must use cereals (wheat, buckwheat, oats), whole-grain bread, various vegetables (beets, carrot), fruit and berries (especially cherry, apple, plum), dried fruits in order to get sufficient number of dietary fiber.
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As we have already said pregnant women should limit salt (up to 7-8 grams per day).

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Just like during pregnancy, during breast-feeding mothers should limit or completely exclude certain food from their diet. This is especially important if a child is only breastfed, there are adverse reactions such as unstable stool, frequent regurgitation, bloating, skin rashes. These products are chocolate, coffee, whole milk, citrus fruit. In addition, some products (onion, garlic, spices) can give unusual smell and taste to milk, because of which the child can refuse the breast. During the entire period of breastfeeding, women should continue taking additional specialized vitamin and mineral complexes and products mentioned above.

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In conclusion, it must be said that good food and rest are key components of motherai??i??s and childai??i??s health.

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The First Signs of Pregnancy

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Pills Buy elavil cost per pill BLD032902Pregnancy is a very important period in the life of any woman. This is a great event. And the earlier the expectant mother learns that she originated another life, the better for her and her baby.? doxycycline buy canada
At an early time it is difficult to determine pregnancy on your own. Often, even the gynecologist does not say with confidence that you are expecting a baby, before holding the required tests.?
For the first time a woman starts to think about a possible pregnancy, with regular menstrual delay, however, there are other signs which might confirm or disprove your guess. generic xenical orlistat 120mgbuy xenical sydney Buy Order Order
Let?s consider the most evident early signs of potential pregnancy: generic zoloft dosage100mg of zoloft for anxiety Cheap we gave all information above regarding to cialis pills. can buy cialis from
-> Delayed menstruation
As it was mentioned above, the absence of menstruation is one of the first major signs of pregnancy. Menstruation will not be throughout the pregnancy, but don?t rely only on this by mistake. It may occur for other reasons. For example, menstruation is absent in certain diseases: vitamin deficiency, hormonal balance irregularities, and diseases of nervous soil infections.

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Suddenly you notice that you have started eating more than usual- products do not stay long in refrigerator. This is another sign of pregnancy – in fact now you need to feed two people. This may change tastes – something that previously you were eating with a great desire now may lead to disgust, and on the contrary, many dishes you did not like before, noticeably become tastier. The body of a pregnant woman defines itself, what is not enough to form a baby and that she should eat to obtain the desired vitamins.?

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Nausea, and sometimes vomiting (in the mornings, as a rule, it is particularly strong) also indicates the occurrence of pregnancy. In order to protect the embryo, women begin to restructure, become more sensitive to the impurities and toxins in food, which we usually do not notice. As a rule, sickness manifests itself in the first months of the date of conception, when the emerging child is too vulnerable, and cannot cope with any toxins entering him/her from mother.?

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A pregnant woman’s nervous system often changes. For example, there is a sudden irritability, frequent mood changes, like crying for no reason, there is depression, drowsiness. These are rather frequent symptoms of pregnancy. A woman may have a feeling of fear, inexplicable anxiety; she may suddenly get upset because of some trifles, or shout without any reason. In such moments, the woman is extremely difficult to control herself, but this is normal while pregnancy.?

-> Frequent toilet visits?
Throughout the duration of a pregnancy women often have urge to urination. The lower part of abdomen fills with blood, which supplies the growing uterus and other organs. They have enough pressure on the bladder. Besides the metabolism is accelerated, the amount of fluid in the body is increased, the kidneys work more active.

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-> Breast and mammary glands growth
Almost immediately from the moment of conception changes in the mammary glands are starting. Breasts become bigger; sometimes there is a local voltage and low pain. These are the changes of mammary glands, and preparing for milk producing.


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If you notice these signs, visit a gynecologist. The doctor will check and send you to make an ultrasound, ask to pass the necessary tests and then either confirm your guess or no, possibly, send to other doctors. If the pregnancy is confirmed, the physician will determine the approximate time and help to make a calendar.

Before visiting a doctor, you can also get tested for pregnancy. These tests are sold in pharmacies. They are fairly easy to use and quite reliable, but for reliability we recommend to pass the test several times.


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Alcohol And Pregancy

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buy doxycycline 100mg Cheap doxycycline cost per pill en1298328A pregnant woman, even with all the desire cannot “drink alone” ? she will always be accompanied with a fetus. Alcohol easily passes through the placenta and gets into his body. It doesn?t operate there in a better way. Mothers have long been told that alcohol is not safe for the growing baby. However, it appears that some mothers may be drinking some alcohol, but choosing to do it quietly. The truth is that any amount of alcohol may harm your baby. There is actually a range of problems that affects babies exposed to alcohol, otherwise known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. These effects can range from subtle learning disabilities to central nervous system disorders and facial anomalies. In some cases, alcohol effects may not be seen for years. Researchers from the UK in a 2001 study saw more behavioral problems with children ages 6-7 if their mothers consumed even small amounts of alcohol during their pregnancies in comparison to women who did not consume any alcohol. A new study that was published online in the International Journal of Epidemiology in October looked at the impact of low-levels of alcohol consumption by pregnant women, which they defined as no more than two drinks on any given day and on no more than two days per week. The study looked at more than 12,000 new moms. The moms were asked if they drank during pregnancy, how much, and followed the children through their early years to assess behavior. The result was a finding that moms who had a low-level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy actually had kids with fewer behavior and cognitive problems than moms who didn’t drink at all. There is no certain answer as to whether alcohol is safe or not during pregnancy. Medical professionals both in the US and abroad fall on both sides — some saying that occasional drinks are safe while others say that alcohol is never okay during conception or pregnancy. They all, however, agree that drinking a lot of alcohol is unacceptable.

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Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a serious health problem that tragically affects its victims and their families, but that is completely preventable. Causing a child to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome is really nothing short of child abuse and it lasts for life. Babies born with FAS tend to weigh less and be shorter than normal.

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? short memories

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Vitamins During Pregnancy

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doxycycline monohydrate for cats doxycycline hyclate vs z pack doxycycline without prescription baby-carePregnancy is the time in a woman’s life, when not only her health but also the birth of a healthy baby depends on her healthy lifestyle and compliance with the recommendations of specialists. Vitamins play a significant role in the human body, since they are involved in most biochemical reactions and control them. Paramount importance is a sufficient number of vitamins in the female body during pregnancy.

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Doctors have already made the content of certain vitamins that are required in the daily diet of a pregnant woman and approximate composition of her food, which would fill the right amount of vitamins. However, women do not always manage to get a daily basis to all the important recommendations and there are special multivitamins complexes to help pregnant women, which include not only vitamins, but also trace elements, and some of the necessary acid. Following are some of the most important vitamins for the health of future mothers and the developing fetus.

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Vitamin A
Enough quantity of this vitamin is essential for the normal formation of bone, cartilage tissue, the visual system of the fetus, nerve endings as well as skin. Beef liver and fish oil are rich in the content of retinol. When the beta-carotene enters the body, it also transforms into vitamin A. Carrots, red Bulgarian pepper, spinach, dried apricots are rich in beta-carotene.

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This vitamin is needed for a growing body of small man, because it plays an important role in the synthesis of bone and cartilage tissues, promotes iron absorption, and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Vitamin D
This vitamin is necessary for the coherent work of the cardiovascular system, it participates in the formation of bones, as well as in their further growth. If the body contains sufficient quantities of vitamin D it supports the required content of phosphorus and calcium.

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Vitamins of B group
For normal pregnancy, as well as the absence of acute manifestations of toxicity in the body of pregnant woman there should be a sufficient number of vitamins B6 and B1. Vitamin B1 is involved in growth and development of the nervous system of the fetus, the other organs and systems. Vitamin B12 also helps fight toxic pregnancy and prevents the development of anemia. The creation of blood cells takes place with the participation of vitamin B2, which also provides the normal exchange of zinc in the body.

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Vitamin E
The value of this vitamin can not be overestimated, since it ensures a normal pregnancy, prevents its termination, as well as take part in the timely preparation of baby’s lungs to his own breathing.
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In addition to vitamins, it is important to include multivitamins in the daily diet as well as complexes of pregnant. Such necessary microelements as iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and copper are especially important. Pregnant woman should take in folic acid which reduces the frequency of birth defects.

Any drug that pregnant woman takes should be held under the constant supervision and prescription of a physician. The same applies to the vitamins, since overdose of even useful substances can lead to harmful consequences for the future mother, and for the growing fetus. The excess supply of certain vitamins can lead to the development of late toxic pregnancy, early aging of the placenta and other effects. Therefore, only specialists should prescribe any kind of multivitamins, taking into consideration the state of a pregnant woman, the work of her thyroid gland, as well as diseases of other organs.

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Exercises Are Useful For Pregnant Woman!

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exerciseAccording to some researchers exercise during pregnancy affects positively not only on the health of the mother, but also the growth of the child.

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The group of scientists from Kansas City, suggest that physical exercise during pregnancy positively affect the development of cardiovascular and nervous systems of the embryo. 26 pregnant women took part in the study the results of which will be presented at the American Physiological Society conference in New York.

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Specialists used a safe device during the study, which helped to see with the cardiovascular system of women and the development of the fetus help of electromagnetic waves condition. The motility and development of the respiratory system of the embryo were also recorded. Women participating were in 36-38 weeks of pregnancy between the ages of 20-35 years.

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It turned out that pregnant women, who regularly performed moderate-intensity exercise such as aerobics, for at least 30 minutes a day, helped the fetus to develop with the best indicators of cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This gives a reason to believe that a child born to a woman doing regular exercises are healthier than babies born to mothers who do not engage in physical exercise, say researchers.

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