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How Long Should a Child Sleep?

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The older the child becomes, the less he/she sleeps. Usually, the first waking period begins at about 4-5 o’clock in the evening. Each child has his/her sleep schedule. By the end of the first year of life, he/she will sleep 2 times a day. Then he/she will move to a one-time sleep. Only in infancy parents can be sure that the child sleeps as long as he/she wants. In 2 years the child is a complex human being. He/she may sleep less than his/her body demands, because of the excitement and anxiety for other reasons.

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Falling asleep. It is advisable to accustom the child to the thought that he/she should sleep immediately after taking a meal. Some children like to play after meal. I will recommend trying to break this habit. Accustom the child to sleep in his bed.

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Most children become accustomed both to silence and to moderate noise. Therefore there is no need to walk on tiptoe and whisper. This will only teach him/her to silence, and he/she will wake up from the unexpected sounds. If the child is accustomed to normal household sounds, you can safely take the guests in the next room, watch TV or listen to the radio. You can even enter the child’s room without wakening him/her up.
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