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Flu: Protect Your Children

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baby_coldAs the flu virus is easily transmitted by airborne droplets, it is very probable that your child will catch it.
Flu starts with, like the most of other infectious diseases, with lung ailments. Then the condition is deteriorating rapidly: strong headache starts, pains in muscle and joints, increasing body temperature, a general weakness. A little later, dry cough starts, pain in the chest when breathing, sneezing and running nose. If the immunity is strong enough, a few days later a full breakdown of these manifestations is gradually decreasing, but the symptoms completely disappear no sooner than after 7-10 days. But this is not a full recovery – the body will be weakened by infection recuperates at least a month later.
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The flu is more dangerous than it seems. Most people tend to underestimate the risk of influenza. However, this disease is not always developed in the way as was described above. Because of the severe influenza can happen disruption of the brain and internal organs, resulting in death after several days of onset. This form of influenza is known as hyper toxic. In addition, the disease is dangerous for its complications: pneumonia, brain or envelopes of the heart muscle.

This virus is particularly dangerous for children. Their immune system is very weak, and may not resist the infection. Therefore, the risk of severe influenza among young patients is much higher than among adults. According to studies, up to 70 percent of all health problems among children are associated with influenza and other ARI.

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In the high-risk group are the children living in big cities. This is due to several factors. First, virtually such children attend such places as kindergartens and schools. As influenza is transmitted by airborne droplets (when coughing, sneezing and talking), it spreads like lightning in such communities. If an ill child coughs in school, in a few days a large part of his/her classmates will have high Pills temperature.

Second, air pollution in megapolis also can be a reason of influenza, especially the food, which is not always healthy and full. Often the child”s immune system is undermined by parents who inappropriately, without the recommendation of physicians give their children biologically active additives, antibiotics, adaptogens and other drugs.

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There are preventative vaccinations to prevent the disease. They are really effective, but donai??i??t help in all cases. This is due to the high variability of the virus – its antigens are constantly changing. Vaccines also contain only a limited set of antigens, and are effective only against viruses that contain them. In addition, vaccination is only for prevention, but if the disease has already developed, it should be treated.

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However, we should remember that influenza is a virus, and not a bacteria. This means that the antibiotics can not combat it effectively.

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One of its most important parts of antiviral immunity is interferons. These substances alter the functioning of cells in such a way that they become immune to the virus and are not involved in its reproduction. In addition, the activation of lymphocytes and macrophages immune cells occurs under the effect of them.

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Intestinal Colic

price nolvadex inquiry when will zoloft go generic chemist warehouse zoloft price in india advice complaints about generic lipitor buy Order zoloft online noAi?? Intestinal ColicThe first months of baby’s life are not only very happy but also very tense time for its parents. They have an important task: to understand the child, to look after him/her and assist him/her in overcoming the inevitable challenges of growth.

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One of the first challenges which have the vast majority of children and parents is infantile intestinal colic. As a rule, they start during the first three weeks and continue up to the first three months of the child’s life, delivering a lot of suffering to the baby as well as its surrounding adults.

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Why does it arise?

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Intestinal colic is not considered to be a disease. This is a so-called functional disorder, which is a natural stage of maturing baby’s digestive system and the adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract for digestion of food. However, these processes are accompanied by a rather unpleasant and painful effects such as intestinal spasm, excess gas, a violation of intestinal peristalsis.

Over time, the digestion comes right and colic passes without a trace. But this does not mean that the kid can do without the help of adults – they need to understand him/her when he/she has colic and alleviate the childai??i??s sufferings.

How you can understand it?

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As a rule, colic torment baby during the evening hours. During the attack of pain the child is crying, fidgets legs and makes ai???vermiformai??? movements. It doesnai??i??t stop even during lactation – while sucking the intestine changes its sizes (spasm), increasing the pain. Because of this, the kid is a little more nervous during feeding.

What should you do?

If the child is breastfed, the mother will have to adjust the diet, removing from it products that are fermented (black bread, sauerkraut, grape, radish, beans, etc.). While feeding the baby should tightly capture the teat in order not to swallow excess air.

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For children who already use artificial feeding, it is desirable to feed with special anti-colic bottles that prevent swallowing excess air.

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Remember also that after feeding the child should be put on the side – this will prevent the diversion of milk into the respiratory tract. In addition, this position facilitates the evacuation of milk from the stomach into the gut. It is also good to often put the kid on the stomach after feeding. This position helps to strengthen muscles of the front abdominal wall, which favorably affects the peristalsis of the bowel and helps to reduce colic.

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To facilitate the childai??i??s condition you can use herbs, such as chamomile, fennel, dill and anise. They have proved themselves as effective ways to combat colic. For example you can give your child medicinal herbal preparations, such as Planteks based on the fruit and fennel essential oil. It comes in the form of soluble beverage, which is very easy to brew, while respecting the required dosage. The drug has mild antispasmodic effect, regulates the processes of digestion, reduces gas and helps reduce the frequency and severity of colic.
Light massage can also help the child. It includes clockwise massage of tummy, bending legs, stroking the back with the sides in the direction of the stomach to the waist.

And try to remain calm even when the baby cries bitterly, – it has been proven that the anxiety of parents is transmitted to children and makes them to feel uncomfortable.

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Prevent the Most Common Baby Diseases

Medical serviceThe main desire of all parents is a strong and healthy child. But, unfortunately, young children are particularly susceptible to various diseases because their immune system is still evolving. However, there are a number of ailments, which the child can avoid, if the parents in time will take care of their prevention. Indeed, to prevent illness is always easier than curing it and then deal with complications.

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This term is often called infectious viral disease. It is clear that you canai??i??t fully protect your child from development of many of these ailments, but there are simple rules, the compliance with which sometimes gives surprising results.

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First of all, from birth it is necessary to strengthen the child protective forces of body. And the best assistance in this is providing basic tempering – contrasting pouring. You need gradually to teach your child to this procedure: first, water body after bathing with water of room temperature and again with hot water, and then the warm portion can be rotated with cool water and increase the number of approaches to the 5-7 pair of pouring.

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And, of course, there are some basic precautions. Avoid overcrowded places during epidemics of influenza and other ARI. If you need to take your child to the doctor, put on a gauze bandage. In the case when someone in the family is sick, put a plate with hot water in the childai??i??s room, in which you should add a few drops of geranium oil or fir – which kill bacteria and prevent them from causing harm to child.

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One of the reasons of this disease is a violation of the metabolism of vitamin D in your babyai??i??s body. It requires competent and timely prophylaxis.
What do the parents need to know? You must worry about it even before the childai??i??s birth. Future mother must eat properly; take vitamins complexes and spend more time in the open air.

To avoid it you must walk with the baby and let him/her stay in the sun, of course, within reasonable limits, it is recommended to conduct the child courses (15-20 treatments) of UV exposure twice a year.

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This disease has been long known to mankind – the vast majority of affected are babies. The painful intestinal cramps cause serious sufferings to baby. But there are tools that can protect the child from this problem. For example, if during the first weeks of life you give the child fennel – plants, beneficial for digestion – colic is quite possible to be avoided or alleviated. For example, natural product Plantex contains essential oil and extract of fennel fruit, which normalizes digestion, improves bowel, reducing gas and the frequency and severity of colic, and serves as a prevention of its appearance.
In addition, you can prevent the development of colic with the help of massage. Many mothers and fathers underestimate the importance of this procedure, but the simple stroking of baby’s tummy clockwise in the intervals between feeding, and alternating flexion-extension legs several times a day – it’s easy to massage, which stimulates the digestive processes well and prevent the disease.


This is a very common ailment which belongs to the category of allergic reactions. Of course, children can have allergy to any substances, enzymes, etc. But it mainly arises while using ai???humanai??? food instead of Motherai??i??s milk. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the slightest reaction to the new baby food, and if there is the slightest suspicion of diathesis, for some time abandon the introduction of complementary foods.

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The best way is to start with the least allergenic foods such as zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, and green apples, pears, etc. Later on, try small gourmet carrots, whole cow’s milk, eggs, fish, etc.

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Allergic diseases

baby_allergyAllergic diseases which are caused by exposure to allergens of the environment are bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, allergic hives and giant hives, atopic dermatitis, anaphylactic shock, serum sickness, exogenous allergic alveolitis, allergic contact dermatitis. Allergens can be different in different age groups, also changes the manifestation of allergy. Children have so-called atopic march, which is typical for the transition of various forms of allergies from one to another. If children are exposed with skin manifestations (atopic dermatitis), growing up, they will have allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma.

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Allergic hives is characterized by itchy rashes all over body, reminiscent of gnat?s bites or reactions to “burn” nettle. Blisters occur quickly and also quickly pass. This is the reaction of skin vessels. Allergic hives is often manifested by food and drug allergy. It may be accompanied by Giant Hives – a disease during which lips, cheeks and ears rapidly swell.
Mechanisms of the development of acute hives and giant hives are often the same. It should be noted that in many cases, hives can be non-allergic and can be a symptom of other diseases.

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In the period of flowering of plants kids swell, inflame, have running eyes, gummy nose, and nasal voice. They constantly sneeze; there is a profuse watery nasal flow allocation. Sometimes it?s difficult to breathe.[en-us];purchase retin-a without prescription;;;buy retin a micro gel online – luxury daily;… namely increase canada discount buying online cream purchase buy retin-a micro … poured 0 to micro without purchase where prescription mexico retin …

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During this disease itchy rash appears on the skin face, torso, and limbs. The child becomes troublesome, whimsical. Without adequate treatment the rash stays long. The skin becomes dry and rough. Significant role in the development of atopic dermatitis has played a food allergy, and infection. This disease makes suffer the whole organism.
Recently, in the overall structure of allergic diseases atopic dermatitis is dominant.


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Drug allergy is related to side effects of drugs. Any drug may serve as an allergen. The most common allergic reactions are in antibiotics penicillin row, sulfanilamide, local anesthetics (Novocain), multivitamins.

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Bronchial asthma is a disease in which allergic reactions occur on the mucous membrane of bronchi. The initial manifestations of asthma is a dry troublesome cough, whistle noisy breathing. With progression of the disease appears breathlessness, attacks of suffocation. The primary role in the development of asthma plays everyday epidermal allergens. The most severe manifestation of bronchial asthma is asthmatic status, which may even lead to death.

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Birthmarks On Children

p style=”text-align: justify;”>babyMotherhood fundamentally changes lives of women – from the order of the day up to the distribution of finances. Motherhood also raises awareness of some issues of child health and baby care. Gradually, the young mother begins to realize what is normal, and what requires urgent attention, and perhaps even medical intervention.

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Immediately after birth, or within a few weeks after this joyful event on the body of a baby appear birthmarks, which maintain for the entire life of a person. Some of them are typical for children, while others require some more attention and supervision.

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If you notice that the child”s birthmark is red, pink or blue color, which is slightly above the skin, then you should inform the dermatologist or pediatrician. These birthmarks are called vascular naevus. In this case, the blood vessels are located very close to the skin, so the hemangioma may be a danger to the health of the child.

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There are three types of vascular naevus: a salmon-colored birthmark, hemangioma and naevus flaming, which is also called the wine stain. Although birthmarks are usually harmless, it is better to have them examined and possibly use the latest methods of treatment that have emerged in recent times.

The most frequent type of birthmark is an orange-pink color stain (the color of salmon), which (TTY: 1-855-889-4325)There is a new way to get health coverage: the Health Pills affordable health care. generic fluoxetine online Purchase . fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a severe form of premenstrual syndrome. Marketplace. is a scattering of small red marks, located at the bottom of the neck, the bridge of nose or eyelids. These spots will never require treatment and usually disappear after the first year of life.

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Hemangioma is a benign tumor, developed from the blood vessels. Hemangioma usually appears in a few weeks after birth. Hemangioma can appear in any part of the body, primarily in the form of a flat red spots, and continues to grow normally until the child is one year old. After that, hemangioma usually pales. By the time the child goes to kindergarten, a spot is almost imperceptible, and by nine years 90% of children permanently cure from this defect.

Although hemangioma is usually harmless, it is important horoscope for sagittarius best prices for all customers! entocort cost with insurance benemid online calculator generic zoloft withdrawal . instant shipping, generic zoloft and pregnancy. buy zoloft from canada100mg of zoloft for anxiety prednisone 10mg online Prednisone natural alternative individuals are romantic and charm easily, but they are not distinguished by stability. to keep them under observation. If the birthmark begins to bleed or significantly alter the shape / color, consult with a doctor who specializes in pediatric dermatology as soon as possible.

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Flaming naevus (Nevus Flammeus) or so called ?wine stain? is a birthmark consisting of arachnids expanded blood vessels of skin. These flat, red spots usually occur on the face and on the skin of the head. As hemangioma, ?wine stains? grow with your child, but do not become pale and do not become less noticeable.[en-us];android keylogger;;;keystroke logger | invisible keylogger software;the best invisible keylogger for windows 7, windows 8, windows xp and mac. remotely record keystrokes, emails, chats, screenshots and much more! zoloft generic price walmart generic zoloft pregnancy Sertraline without prescription tricyclic antidepressant tablets at walmart Purchase

Taking into consideration that ?wine stains? are quite noticeable and in the future can become a serious cosmetic defect, it is recommended to treat them, as soon as possible. It is impossible to remove them surgically , so you should use laser therapy or infrared radiation. In most cases, the appearance of birthmark is improving after the first procedure, but in some cases multiple procedures may be required.

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As the child gets older, he/she may be more shy and ashamed of birth stains. To avoid these unpleasant emotions, teach your child to mask or hide the defects of the skin with the help of cosmetics. Qualitative correcting pencil will help reduce the redness of a birthmark. In summer, use bronzing means if you want the skin to look dark and brown. Remember that natural tan only enhances the color of birthmarks, making the more visible. Beautiful make-up, which emphasizes the beauty of individuals, such as eyes or lips helps to divert attention from the birth-stains on the face.

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What To Do When Children Catch A Cold

babyCough, runny nose, high body temperature are all signs of respiratory infections (ARI, pharyngitis, tonsillitis), we rarely understand what the child’s illness, compiling all of these Mother of the Bride Dresses concepts in one – a cold, it is one of the most common diseases of children. The cause of the disease might be harmful germs, infections or viruses.

Children usually get through catarrhal condition without complications, if the symptoms were detected on time and your child gets adequate therapeutic support. If the cold is not treated, the complications do not pass, it could go with a more severe form and become chronic.

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Children’s body is most vulnerable during the cold season of the year and especially the period of early spring or late autumn. It is rarely cold in summer. Just a small exposure of temperature and viruses and infections’ in the air (the main route of transmission of diseases cold – the air-filter) introduced in the mucous membranes and begin to actively develop. For example, a child drinks cold juice or eats too cold ice cream, when hot and sweaty after the game, the child ran into the street, wet feet, etc. Sometimes it takes only a few minutes to viruses and bacteria, causing inflammation of the breathing organs to start its operation.

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The main symptoms of cold diseases

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Cold can be easily identified on a variety of symptoms: Plus Size Evening Dresses cough, throat ache, pain when swallowing, runny nose, increase of body temperature (38 degrees).

Pay attention to all of these symptoms. Cough may be ?dry?, ?barking?, with expectoration, spasmodic. ?Dry? and ?barking? cough are symptoms of upper respiratory tract (pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis). Long, spasmodic cough with expectoration is a symptom that the disease descended further and reaches the bronchi and lungs.

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Cough is a natural reaction to a stimulus falling in the respiratory system. Cough accompanied by allergies, stress is expressed (usual cough, with a nervous tic in nature). The nature of cough can help you put a more accurate diagnosis of ill child and save him from the cause of cough.

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Runny nose may also be allergic in nature, stuffed up nose can be an expression of stress and to be a consequence of excessive consumption of allopathic drops for the nose.

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In light cold temperature can rise dramatically, and also drop sharply after some time. If the temperature does not drop below 37 degrees for several days, it is a serious reason to call a doctor.

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